Please Read

We kindly ask guests to please read this important guidance. It will enable you to  better enjoy our cottage. Also, it will help you to settle in quickly and comfortably.

Address and Check-in At Our West Bay Holiday Cottage

Address: 4 Bramble Drive, West Bay, Bridport, Dorset DT6 4SN.

GPS coordinates: 50°42’52.99″N 2°45’15.96″W

We request that guests check-in from 15:00 ( onwards. And, at the end of the stay, please ensure check-out is complete by 10:00. Thank you.

Key safe on lower wall to the left-hand side.

For the key safe, guests will need to push down the little ‘window’ to expose the combination pad behind it. We provide the code to guests, once they have paid for their stay. You must enter the combination numbers from left to right. After this, please lower the black button on the left-hand side, to open the safe. Inside it, guests will find two keys for the front door. After removing these, please close the safe and return the dials back to 0000. We ask that guests do not share the combination number with anyone outside their party. When you check-out, please replace the keys and return the dials to 0000 again. If you will arrive during hours of dusk/darkness, we suggest that you have a torchlight to hand. This will ensure that you will be able to see the combination number dials easily.

Also, we are happy to inform you that there are 4 security cameras, located outside the house, one on each wall.

Once Inside, Please Read Me

Once you enter the cottage, you will want to locate the water heater and central heating. The console is on a wall in the utility room, adjacent to the boiler. Both should already be ‘on’ but if not, please use the ‘select’ buttons to move the respective programme to ‘ once’ or ‘twice’. Each time you push the button, you will see an arrow moving down and up the related menu. Please select ‘off’ when checking-out. The heating radiators are controlled individually.

For the family bathroom and en-suite, there are switches that activate the extractor fans and lights that surround the cabinets situated above the vanity units. These are located on the walls adjacent to the doorways. Please switch ‘on’ when using the shower or bath.

We kindly request that guests use the heat absorbers, table mats, and coasters which we provide.

Other Please Read Me Snippets

Our holiday let support team is friendly and reliable. We call them out in the unlikely event that somethings needs attention. Iris and I are happy to provide suggestions for things-to-do, to help guests get maximum enjoyment from their holiday.

Outside, guests can find furniture cushions in the plastic bin located beside the garage wall and a sun-umbrella that we store in the green-house.

Guests who wish to , are invited to contact us during this holiday, or in future, in any of the following ways;


mobile:            0033781699227


To access local information, we invite you to visit the following websites:

When you arrive, please tell us, if there is anything you are not happy with. And finally, we appreciate very much, that are choosing to stay at our home. We hope that you and your party, will enjoy it as much as we do.