Flexible Booking Policy – Book Now!

We are delighted to offer our future guests, a flexible booking policy. It is our aim to accommodate as many enquiries as we can. As a result we are happy to consider adjusting booking rates. This is most likely to happen during the shoulder and low seasons.

Our West Bay holiday cottage is popular and past guests rate it consistently highly. As we offer a flexible booking policy, future guests should book now to avoid disappointment. Small group discounts may be available.

When a stay is in excess of 7 days, we will gladly arrange extra cleaning and for bedding, towelling etc. to be changed. Please note that this may incur an extra cost.

Fully Refundable Damage Deposit

We ask guests to pay a £150 deposit as security against possible damage. Guests should pay this at least 7 days before check-in. The deposit is fully refundable, and this is what normally happens. If damage occurs, we discuss it with guests. The last thing anyone of us wants is to end the contract-relationship on a sour note. Only once have we had damage and on that ocassion, our guests agreed the cost quickly and amicably.

Flexible Booking Policy And Pricing Structure

It is our pleasure to offer prices from £30 per person per night, for a minimum of 3 nights, based on occupancy by 6 guests. During peak season, we offer the cottage at rates up to £50 per person per night, for a minimum of 3 nights, based on full occupancy. When we can, we exercise flexibility. So please feel free to ask for a quote.

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PayPal, Bank Transfer Payment Options

PayPal, Bank Transfer payment options are available to guests to secure their stay at our West Bay holiday cottage. So, to secure a booking we ask guests to make a payment when they receive conformation.

So go on, treat yourselves!