Our West Bay holiday home is a 20 minutes walk from the attractive and lively market town of Bridport. 

Bridport Arts Centre

The Tourist Office viewed from South Street.

A Little History, Bridport

Records of the town date back to the early Middle Ages, and to the King of Wessex. Better known as Alfred the Great, he created the ‘Burgh of Brydian’ in the late 9th Century. Also in Saxon times, the word ‘port’ had the meaning of a place of trade, rather than necessarily being a seaport. In due course, the ‘Burgh of Brydian’ and the Saxon word ‘port’ were brought together to create ‘Bridport’. At this time the market town began to really develop as traders started new businesses. Of these, the oldest is the town butcher who opened his doors commercially in 1515. Then Palmers, the local brewer began brewing beer in 1794. A little later in 1884, the men’s and women’s outfitters opened. We must not forget the famous hatter, whose origins date from 1896.

Vibrant And Artistic

Today people recognise Bridport for its vibrant market, festivals and art scene, and for local produce items including food and drink.

Set in Rural West Dorset, which boasts plenty of beautiful scenery, Bridport offers beautiful hills, rolling countryside and flowing rivers. To many people, the town is known as the ‘Gateway to the Jurassic Coast’.

In addition, Bridport offers especially interesting shopping experiences. Guests will find the best of these in the eclectic town centre and the always popular art and vintage quarters. Also in the centre there is a range of entertainment. In particular, at the Arts Centre and Electric Palace, both in South Street. For visitors who wish to have a quiet sit down, the town is home to a fabulous open park at Millennium Green. This is also the location of Bridport’s heritage celebrations during the weekend of the ever-popular Ropewalk Fair and other annual open-air events.

Bridport Events

For the impressive list of events to suit all ages and tastes, held throughout the year, see