Blog. Booking 8. Most popular for groups of 8 guests.

Booking 8.

Our West Bay, Bridport holiday home has been open for one season and we are now able to review booking trends. The most obvious is that guests like booking 8 people in their group. It is the most popular  booking size by far.

Booking 8.

Guests have included extended families, separate families, business colleagues and a group attending a charity workshop. From their feedback we know that the cottage is considered to be well equipped, comfortable and well organised. Guests rate it highly. 

Flexibly Booking Policy

Also, we are delighted to offer our guests a flexible booking policy. Our aim to accommodate as many enquiries as we can. 

We want to be attractive to smaller groups. So we consider discounting for these and exercise flexibility when we can. It is our pleasure to offer prices from £30 per person per night, for a minimum of 3 nights, based on occupancy by 6. We are happy to consider adjusting booking rates. This is most likely to happen during the shoulder and low seasons. So please feel free to ask for a quote.